Single Engineered Skid Systems for ProSeries® Metering Pumps

Compatible with: ProSeries® Metering Pumps: Flex-Pro® and Chem-Pro®

Mounting Positions: Floor or Wall

  • Efficient, Small footprint Design
  • The pre-fabricated design allows for easy installation, simply drop the Skid System in place and make your connections.
  • Each system is rigorously factory tested.
  • Includes pressure switch option.
  • Easy access to wiring components from the rear of the system.
  • Joints use Weld-On 724 solvent cement which is chemically resistant to Sodium Hypochlorite and other chemicals.
  • Dual side inlets enable connection of multiple skids to the same inlet.
  • Available with the factory options, Custom modifications are not possible.

Optional Flow Verification Sensor for monitoring system: Chemical injection failure stops pump, and triggers an alarm relay to start a back-up pump


Polyester powder coated 6061 T6 aluminum.
Welded joint construction.
Mounting Pads
316 Stainless Steel (non-wetted part).
Piping & Unions
PVC Schedule 80 (optional CPVC)
Inlet Y Strainer
PVC body (optional CPVC), FKM elastomers (optional EPDM)
Suggested for diaphragm pump applications.
Reinforced braided PVC, 200 PSI max
Tubing Clamps
300 series SS band, 400 Series SS screw
Drip tray
Polypropylene, 4 gallon containment each tray


Vented Ball Valves (Dual Skid includes eight)
True unions, PVC body, PTFE shaft bearings and seats
FKM elastomers (optional EPDM)
Manufacturer: Plast-O-Matic®
Pressure Relief Valve (PRV)
5-100PSA setting range, 125PSI max system pressure
PVC body (optional CPVC), PTFE primary diaphragm seal
Manufacturer: Plast-O-Matic®
One Way Check Valve
PVC Body (Optional CPVC), FKM diaphragm (optional EPDM)
Manufacturer: Plast-O-Matic®
Flow Indicator
Machined cast acrylic, PVC connections, ceramic ball, polypropylene ball stop
PVC half unions, FKM seals (optional EPDM)
Manufacturer: Blue-White Ind.®

Optional Components:

Flow Verification Sensor (Six flow ranges available)
PVDF body, PVC socket weld fittings
FKM elastomers (optional EPDM)
Manufacturer: Blue-White Ind.®
Calibration Cylinder
PVC clear body, PVC end caps, 1/4” ID tubing, outlet vent
Volume capacities: 1.6 GPH (100mL), 4 GPH (250mL), 8 GPH (500mL), 16 GPH (1,000mL), 32 GPH (2,000mL)
Pulsation Dampener
PVC body, 10 cubic inch volume, FKM bladder (optional EPDM bladder)
Manufacturer: Plast-O-Matic®
Pressure Gauge with Guard
Liquid filled stainless steel with blowout plug, bottom mount, 1/4” NPT threads
PVC body (CPVC optional), FKM diaphragm seal
Available Pressure Ranges: 0-30 PSI, 0-100PSI, 0-200PSI
Manufacturer: Plast-O-Matic®


(Sold Separately)
Flex-Pro® model A2, A3 or A4 peristaltic pumps or
Chem-Pro® model C2 or C3 diaphragm pump.