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  • Sustainability: Cooling Towers

    Sustainability and Cost Benefits of CHEMTROL® Controllers: Cooling Towers SYDNEY, NSW – 15 MARCH 2019 Installation of CHEMTROL® programmable controllers for cooling towers    Cooling towers by their very nature consume water as they perform their function of evaporative cooling. This is primarily via bleed, evaporation, makeup and drift losses. For large facilities this can […]

  • Sustainability: Swimming Pools and Spas

    Sustainability and Cost Benefits of CHEMTROL Controllers: Swimming Pools and Spas SYDNEY, NSW – 12 MARCH 2019 With temperatures and energy bills on the rise we all need to come up with smart solutions to mitigate these impacts on the environment, not to mention increasingly stretched budgets. A major part of devising a sustainable solution should […]

  • New CT requirements NSW – 2018

    New requirements for managing cooling water systems in NSW – 2018 SYDNEY, NSW – 14 September 2018 New requirements for managing cooling water systems have come into force in NSW, to better prevent the growth and transmission of Legionella bacteria. Cooling towers and Legionella Legionella bacteria can cause Legionnaires’ disease, a severe infection of the […]

  • Cooling towers and Legionella

    Cooling Towers and Legionnaires’ disease: Control, Monitoring and Prevention A recent spike in cases of Legionnaires’ disease in NSW has highlighted the need for cooling towers used in conjunction with large HVAC systems and industrial cooling processes to be appropriately maintained and monitored. Public health regulations across Australia require any operation that have cooling towers […]

  • Web Server Upgrade

    CHEMTROL® Web Server Upgrade Adds New Features and Functionality SYDNEY, NSW – 3 MAY 2018 CHEMTROL Australia is pleased to announce that we have implemented a new server upgrade, which gives your controller improved functionality and features. These improvements are designed to give you the capability to view and monitor a wide range of parameters […]