Chemtrol Australia Product - AQUA HC150 Series
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AQUA HC150 Series

AQUA HC150 Series – Solenoid Driven Diaphragm Dosing Pump

The HC150 series solenoid driven dosing pumps is the ideal solution for small dosing of chemical products. The pumps are regulated through analogical controls, including a two-colour LED and a regulating knob. Predisposition for the level probe.

Model: HC150-1

Code: AD95000200000
Flow / Pressure: 2 l/hr @ 8 bar, 5 l/hr @ 5 bar, 7 l/hr @ 2 bar
Frequency: 120 strokes per minute
Level Input: None

Model: HC150-3

Code: AD9500220000
Flow / Pressure: 3 l/hr @ 12 bar, 4 l/hr @ 10 bar, 5 l/hr @ 8 bar
Frequency: 120 strokes per minute
Level Input: None

*Note: – Flow data refers to water at 20 °C


Control: Hand Knob and Selector Scale (0/20% or 0/100%)
Pump Head: PP
Pump Housing: PP
Diaphragm: PTFE
Ball Valves: Pyrex
Fittings: PP
Seals: Viton
Rating: IP65
Hose Size: 4/6mm
Power Supply: 230VAC (3 pin moulded plug)

Complete Water Treatment Installation Kit

  • PP injection nozzle with Hastelloy spring load non-return ball valve, ½” BSP
  • PP foot valve/strainer (Viton lip valve)
  • 2m PE tube (discharge), 2m PVC tube (suction) & 2m PVC tube (priming)
  • Wall mounting bracket