Chemtrol® Introduction 2023

Good morning/afternoon,

Thanks for the opportunity to present Chemtrol®, and for your time.

My name is Kobby Green, I’m the MD and founder of Chemtrol® Australia, and I want to start not by telling you all about Chemtrol® and our range of products, don’t worry, I will get to that shortly.

Instead, I want to open this conversation by highlighting our approach to technology and product development, which is to listen to our customers, and help solve their problems.

These are real issues that pool managers and operators face, maybe even some of you sitting here today. The critical difference is that we use this information to continually refine and improve our product line – including our programmable controller range, dosing equipment and probes.

An example of this are the software updates which we push out to our controllers, with new features – at no cost to you!

Now, I’m going to walk you through a typical real world, problems pool managers face. Why? Because I know you have a 100 other things you need to focus on – and it’s 2023, so technology should be making your life easier, right?!