Chemtrol® Introduction

Good day, and thank you for the opportunity to present Chemtrol®, and for your time.

My name is Kobby Green, and I’m the MD and founder of Chemtrol® Australia. Instead of diving right into details about Chemtrol® and our product range (don’t worry, we’ll get to that shortly), I want to start by highlighting our approach to technology and product development.

At Chemtrol®, we prioritize listening to our customers and solving their problems. What sets us apart is our commitment to continually refining and improving our product line. This includes our programmable controller range, dosing equipment, and sensor selection.

For instance, we regularly push out software updates to our controllers with new features – all at no additional cost to you! We believe in providing value and ensuring that our products evolve to meet your needs.

Now, I’m going to walk you through a typical real world, problems pool operators face. Why? Because I know you have a 100 other things you need to focus on – and it’s 2024, so technology should be making your life easier, right?!