Integrated Controllers

Need a controller that covers monitoring, control and communications in a single, powerful integrated command centre?

Our range of integrated controllers means you avoid using individual products for all these functions, providing complete control over pumping, filtration, chemical treatment, heating and water replacement – from a single unit. Specified in a range of settings, including commercial swimming pools, aquatic centres and industrial applications, where industry-leading reliability and low maintenance are a priority. Key features include a 5-year warranty, full remote monitoring and control, automatic pump and filter control, as well as a shock program. 


Customise your setup and save

All our programmable controllers have the ability to be modified based on the type of monitoring and control you require. You can customise your setup by adding or reducing components accordingly. That way we can provide a competitive pricing solution based on the functionality you need. Our team can also help you choose the right controller to suit the intended application.

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Integrated controller range

CHEMTROL Selection
pH Control
ORP Control
Sanitizer, Free Chlorine control (ppm)
Sanitizer, Total Chlorine control (ppm)
Combined Chlorine Display
Combined Chlorine, UV Control
Heater Control
TDS Control
Temperature monitoring & Display
Dump Valve
Water Level Control
Pump Program
Pump Influent/Effluent control
Water meter Input (Pulse/4-20mA)
Filter control, Backwash Programs
Langelier Saturation Index
Automatic Data Logging
Remote monitoring, Web-access
4-20 mA Outputs
Feed Mode : Manual, Automatic, Proportional
Alarms: Audio, Visual, External
Alarm: Out-of-range, Runtime and Overfeed
pH, ORP Dynamic Probe Failure Analysis Alert

Remote Monitoring & Control

Our range of programmable controllers all have remote access capability, so you can control and monitor your facility 24/7.

With the remote operation function any number of facilities can be controlled and monitored from your computer, or via our mobile App. From a computer simply login directly via your browser using our web-server where the controller display is mirrored on your computer.

True duplex operation that allows real-time control and troubleshooting of all operating functions, including status reports, trend graphs and automatic alerts by email or text messages. You can also access and control your controller via our dedicated app, available for Android and Apple devices.

In terms of connecting your controller, this can be achieved via a wired Ethernet cable, WIFI signal, or by using a wireless connection with a compatible 4G or 5G router.

Find out more: web-access options.