Web-access options

Wired connection

Think of the controller as your own laptop, and by connecting it to a live Ethernet cable from your local network it has access to the internet.

Plug the Ethernet cable into the Network socket of the controller and you are now connected to the Internet.

Benefit 1

√  No extra hardware cost.
All network components embedded within the controller’ electronics.

Benefit 2

√  No annual fee subscription.

Benefit 3

√ Seamless & stable solution. Reliable internet connection.

WIFI connection

If you have an active router on site, you can use your CHEMTROL® controller to establish an internet connection. In order to use this option our WIFI electronics module has to be installed. The controller then communicates with the router using the exiting username and password.

WIFI electronics module to be installed


√  No annual subscription fee.

Note; WIFI connectivity reception to be checked on site.

Wireless connection using a router

Your controller can also be connected via a compatible 4G or 5G wireless router.
This connection requires our router to be installed within the controller’ cabinet, with a sim-card from one of the local Internet providers to establish web connection.

Wireless router to be installed

Annual sim-card subscription apply



√  Seamless & stable solution. Reliable internet connection.

Shared wireless access & control

A unique feature that allows multiple controllers in close proximity to piggyback and share a WIFI signal. The major benefit of this is you only have to connect for a single Sim-card subscription but still have full connectivity and control over all your controllers.

How does it work?

Your main controller has an Ethernet cable connected with a 4G or 5G wireless router that accesses the internet.

All your other controllers in close proximity simply use a WiFi device to share or piggyback off the main controllers WiFi signal. This way you can add multiple controllers without paying for multiple subscriptions and save.

Main controller : Wireless router to be installed

Secondary controller : WIFI electronics module to be installed

Annual sim-card subscription apply only to the main controller/ wireless router.

Benefit 1

√  Seamless & stable solution. Reliable internet connection.

Benefit 2

√  Annual sim-card subscription do not apply for secondary controllers.

Building Management System (BMS) Communications

The CHEMTROL® programmable controller range can be equipped to communicate with your Building Management System using a number of open protocol languages.

This connection requires our BMS electronics module to be installed within the controller’ cabinet. Smart electronics module converts the controller’ digital outputs to the protocol language required.

The most common languages being used today are:

√  Modbus IP, √  Modbus RTU

√  BACnet IP, √  BACnet MSTP

√  and LonWorks

– The controller can be configured with any of these languages.

4-20 mA Output Boards 

There are several 4-20 mA Converter Boards available for the CHEMTROL® programmable controllers range.

They all work essentially the same way. They provide two connection terminals for the output current.

pH – ORP – ppmF – ppmT – Cond/TDS – Temperature

Its purpose is to convert the digital outputs of the controller into analog signals that can be used by analog monitoring and control equipment.