Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen Series

Pyxis ST-772 Series

The Pyxis ST-772 Series optical luminescent dissolved oxygen (DO) sensor is based on the principle of ‘fluorescence quenching’ to determine the dissolved oxygen content in water. It incorporates Pyxis’ advanced technology in the field of fluorescence detection and uses dual Blue/Red light detection technology with excitation and reference light sources, offering a wide detection range and very low detection limit. The sensor also integrates temperature and pressure sensors, which can perform temperature and pressure compensation for the measurement of dissolved oxygen based on ambient environmental conditions present in the application of use.

Typical Applications

  • Activated Sludge / Aeration Basin / Nutrient Removal
  • Wastewater / Sewage Processing
  • Chemical / Process Water Applications
  • Domestic / Drinking Water Applications
  • Filtration Applications
  • Aquaculture
  • Agriculture
  • Compliant USEPA 40CFR Part 136.3 as an approved method for measurement of dissolved oxygen in wastewater, drinking water and direct discharge.

Pyxis ST-772 Series

The ST-772 offers an easily replaceable, front loading DO membrane cap that has been independently developed by Pyxis Lab, with a typical service life of up to two years. This unique DO membrane cap design incorporates a black microporous PTFE membrane material designed to provide extreme scratch resistance, extended life span and simple replacement. The flat front-end design of the ST-772 makes this platform less prone to contamination or fouling and is very easy to clean. The sensor body is composed of 304 stainless steel or CPVC and is well suited for aggressive industrial application use.

  • 0.004-20mg/L measurement range
  • No Membrane Replacement or Electrolyte Replacement
  • Simple DO Cartridge Replacement every 2 years
  • Built-in temperature and pressure sensor with automatic compensation
  • Accurate and stable measurement with ultra-low drift requiring no calibration for up to 2-years
  • Built-in transmitter without preamplifier or meter head
  • Dual Outputs both 4-20mA isolated signal and RS-485 Modbus
  • Wireless Calibration, Diagnostics, Data Trend via uPyxis APP when used with MA-CR Bluetooth Adapter
  • Slope calibrate with air or air saturated water / Zero calibrate with 5% Sulfite solution or Nitrogen Gas
  • Submersible (ST-772 or ST-772P) or Inline Pipe Tee (ST-772T or ST-772T-P) installation versions available

Pyxis ST-772 Series

The ST-772 (304SS) and ST-772P (CPVC) models should be utilized in a submersed fixed or floating application with the Pyxis submersion assembly options. The ST-772T (304SS) and ST-772T-P (CPVC) models are offered for inline or bypass flow installations. The ST-772 series offers both 4-20mA and RS-485 Modbus outputs and is Bluetooth enabled when used in conjunction with the MA-CR Bluetooth Adapter.