Chemtrol Australia Product - High Range Conductivity
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High Range Conductivity

High Range Conductivity Smart Sensors

  • Modbus Connection
  • Wireless Calibration via uPyxis®
  • Minimal maintenance

The ST-720 and ST-726 are uniquely designed industrial-grade inline conductivity sensors launched by Pyxis Lab Inc. that adopt the latest sensing technology with greatly improved detection range, accuracy and stability with anti-interference capabilities designed for use in complex environments. The built-in transmitter supports both digital and analog signal output, designed to simplify on-site installation, calibration and use of operation.

Typical Applications

  • Industrial Water Applications
  • Process Water Applications
  • Surface Water Monitoring
  • Wastewater / Stormwater Monitoring

High Range Conductivity Smart Sensors

The ST-720 and ST-726 both contain a 4-graphite electrode configuration with a scale of 1-100,000 µS/cm and 10-300,000 uS/cm respectively, allowing it to be less prone to fouling and deposition when used in challenging applications. Both maintain conductivity accuracy and precision without the need of frequent calibrations and within a 1.5% µS/cm precision level.

  • Large/Dynamic Range 1-100,000 µS/cm and 10-300,000 µS/cm
  • 2X 4-20mA & RS-485 Output (7-Pin) for Temperature & Conductivity
  • Conductivity Value Compensated Based on Measured Temperature to Nominal Value = 25oC
  • Wireless Diagnosis & Calibration via uPyxis APP for Mobile or Desktop Devices
  • Cell Constant – K Factor = 0.3

ST-720 and ST-726 both contain an embedded Pt100 RTD temperature sensor allowing for auto-temperature compensation. The unique flat surface also makes sensor cleaning and calibration very easy. Each sensor is provided with the ST-001 in-line Tee in ¾” FNPT format. ST-720 and ST-726 may also be installed in submersed applications while using the Pyxis MA-102S Submersion Adapter.

High Range Conductivity Smart Sensors

Both sensors offer two 4-20mA output signals (temperature and conductivity) with integrated transmitter as well as RS-485 modbus digital output. As with all Pyxis sensors, the ST-720 and ST-726 can be easily diagnosed, cleaned and calibrated in wireless format when used with the MA-WB or PowerPACK Series Bluetooth adapters and the uPyxis APP for mobile or desktop devices.