Commercial & Industrial applications

Our programmable controllers are fully customisable and ready to add components based on the desired application you require

Commercial and Industrial applications available

  • Potable water, Turbidity 0…10 NTU with pH, TDS and Chlorine (ppm) monitoring and control.
  • Process water, pH with chlorine monitoring and control, up to 200 ppm.
  • Cooling Tower control systems.
  • Corrosion rate monitoring 24/7 with remote access capability.
  • Boilers, Single and Dual Blowdown Control systems.
  • Liquid level monitoring to control chemical tanks sites 24/7 with remote access capability.
  • Dual ppm control system with UV, chloramine control for commercial pool and spas.
  • pH correction, with a choice of 1, 2 or 3 tanks simultaneously.
  • Wastewater, Dual pH verification system for municipal discharge treated water meeting government standards and compliance.
  • Wastewater, Turbidity 0….10,000 NTU with pH, TDS and Chlorine (ppm) monitoring and control.

10 reasons why you should choose our product range

We often get asked, “Why should I choose your product over another?”, or “Why is your system better than the one we currently use?” and “How can your product line help us?”

These are all fair questions that we would expect any business to ask.

So we thought it would be useful to summarise 10 unique selling points (USP’s) and features that make our product range perfect for Commercial/Industrial applications:

1) Waterproof Cabinet

Our controllers are supplied in an industrial strength waterproof cabinet, manufactured from robust, sealed fiberglass that is designed to withstand Australia’s tough climate.


Benefit: You don’t have to purchase an additional cover to protect your equipment, and our cabinet is designed to last for many years.

2) Langelier Saturation Index (LSI)

In addition to the normal probes readings process, our system also take into account saturation factors such as alkalinity, hardness, pH and temperature compensation for conductivity and pH measurement, crucial process for accurate readings. The Langelier saturation index module provides auto alerts of scaling and corrosion conditions.

Benefit: The programmable built-in temperature and Langelier saturation index (LSI) modules mean you get better water measurement accuracy and alerts in real-time when the water condition is not within the desired range.

3) Proportional Control

In proportional control mode the controller turns the feed on and off at a rate varying from 0% – 100% of a 15 min time cycle, taking into account both the dead area to prevent chatter near setpoint (Deadband), and a Progressive Zone control around the set-point. The wider the progressive zone is, the more slowly and precisely the controller will return to the set-point.

Benefit: You obtain a sophisticated control mode that provides more precise control than on/off and reduce overfeeding, particularly in smaller bodies of water.

4) Probe Failure Analysis

Our pH and ORP dynamic Probe Failure Analysis (Proprietary technology, US Patent No. 6,657,546) is a programmable controller feature that ensures dynamic testing of the response of the ORP and pH sensors.

Benefit: This integrated technology will help you detect a probe failure immediately, and avoid a potentially critical situation developing.

5) Accumulative Run-time

For industrial applications our menu supports chemical feeding programs such as Automatic, Timer, Percent of flow, Daily schedule and 2 week schedule, including time limit, accumulative run-time and scheduled booster.

Benefit: You can choose the chemical feeding program that suits your needs, while the accumulative run-time function enables you to simulate/project your next chemical shipment.

6) Remote Monitoring Capability

Our programmable controllers come with built-in internet capability, with an integrated Ethernet socket ready to connect to your existing local network, or for connection in the future. Additional router can be added for connection via major Australian ISP’s.


Benefit: You don’t need to purchase any additional electronics.

7) Screen Duplication Web-server Technology 

With CHEMTROL web-server capability, you can control and monitor any number of facilities simultaneously. This can be from a PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone, using our unique duplicate screen software. This ensures that every event or action that happens on the controller is mirrored on the remote device’s screen.

Benefit: You can control and monitor multiple sites using the same user-friendly menu that is mirrored from the controller’s screen, all without the need to log-in and out for each unit separately.

8) Data Storage and Trend Capability 

Our programmable controllers come with integrated data storage and web server sync capability.

Data is continually being written and stored in the controller’s memory device, ready to be synced to our web-server when you login, ready to be generated onto graphs or to download to CSV/Excel data sheet.

Benefit: You don’t have to purchase an additional data logger and/or memory card.

9) Control and Monitor with your mobile 

CHEMTROL also has a dedicated app for tablet or mobile, available for Android and Apple devices.

Benefit: You can access and view each controllers’ menu quickly, and monitor the data with your mobile app.

10) Peace of Mind

Your investment is fully protected with a 5-year electronics warranty on the controller, and 2-year warranty on all other parts.

Benefit: You enjoy the peace of mind of knowing you wont have to replace instruments within the generous warranty period.