Commercial & Industrial applications

Commercial and Industrial applications available

  • Potable water, Turbidity 0…10 NTU with pH, TDS and Chlorine (ppm) monitoring and control.
  • Process water, pH with chlorine monitoring and control, up to 200 ppm.
  • Cooling Tower control systems.
  • Corrosion rate monitoring 24/7 with remote access capability.
  • Boilers, Single and Dual Blowdown Control systems.
  • Liquid level monitoring to control chemical tanks sites 24/7 with remote access capability.
  • Dual ppm control system with UV, chloramine control for commercial pool and spas.
  • pH correction, with a choice of 1, 2 or 3 tanks simultaneously.
  • Wastewater, Dual pH verification system for municipal discharge treated water meeting government standards and compliance.
  • Wastewater, Turbidity 0….10,000 NTU with pH, TDS and Chlorine (ppm) monitoring and control.

Our programmable controllers are fully customisable and ready to add components based on the desired application you require. 10 reasons why you should choose our product range: