Cooling Tower Installation

SIMPLE Installation 

We want to make the installation of CHEMTROL® controllers as simple as possible. This is why we have everything mounted onto a customised manifold ready for connection.

This assures proper water sampling around the sensors and makes for a hassle-free installation that minimises the integration work needed to get your water treatment system up and running.

The CHEMTROL® cooling tower setup consists of 2x grey PVC backboards;

  1. CHEMTROL® model CT110, 6 relay output control system with up to 5x wired dosing pumps.
  2. Customised assembly manifold with grey uPVC fitting ready for connection.

Listed below are a number of different installation options for use by architects and engineers in the preparation of requests for bids.

Bypass line assembly (BPL), Programmable controller range
A choice of 4 models available