Solenoid Valves

Key Features

  • Forged body for durability and high pressure applications
  • Two ways, normally closed
  • Rated protection: IP65, watertight electrical enclosure for outdoor use
  • Closing feature minimizes water-hammer on shut-off
  • Working Voltage: AC24V, AC110V, AC230V, AC240V (50Hz/60Hz), DC12V, DC24V

Stainless Steel uPVC Brass Steam
Rated protection IP65 IP65 IP65 IP65
Sealing Material NBR Viton NBR PTFE
Temperature From -5 to  80°C From -5 to  60°C From -5 to  80°C From  0 to 180 ℃
*Optional sealing Viton/ EPDM From -10 to  120°C From -10 to  120°C
Durability Water, Liquid, Air,
Light oil
Corrosive liquid, Acid, Alkali, Air Water, Liquid, Air,
Light oil
High temperature liquid
Working Pressure  0.1 ~ 16 Bar 0.1/0.3 ~ 6 Bar 0 ~ 10 Bar  0.1/0.4 ~ 16 Bar