Remote monitoring and control

Monitor and operate your controller using our web-server communication access with your laptop, tablet or mobile app

We know that you need to remotely monitor and control your facility 24/7, which is why our range of programmable controllers all have remote access capability

With the remote operation function any number of facilities can be controlled and monitored from your computer or via our App, available for Android and Apple devices.

Remote Monitoring with CHEMTROL® cloud web-server

The CHEMTROL® cloud-based Remote Monitoring offers true duplex operation with identical duplicate screens on both the controller and the computer. This means that every event on the controller or action on the remote computer is immediately reproduced on the other screen.

This unique feature is particularly useful for remote monitoring, operator training and troubleshooting, as well as real-time control of all operating functions including status reports and automatic alerts by email or text messages. This also allows real-time supervision and remote troubleshooting by any CHEMTROL® qualified/ authorized representative.

Login to our cloud-based web server using your preferred browser.

We also have an app that you can access via your tablet or mobile phone.


Download your CHEMTROL® app
Available on Android and Apple devices.


Our range of programmable controllers allow you to connect using a variety of wired and wireless technologies, to ensure you can connect and access your data 24/7

–  Wired connection

Think of the controller as your own laptop, and by connecting it to a live Ethernet cable from your local network it has access to the internet.

–  Wireless Control Using a Router

Your controller can also be connected via a compatible 4G or 5G router with an Ethernet cable.

–  Shared Wireless Access & Control

You can also connect multiple controllers by piggybacking off the main controllers WiFi routers signal.

–  Modbus & BACnet protocol

You can also connect your controller via Modbus or BACnet protocol to communicate with your Building Management Systems (BMS) or with SCADA server.

–  4-20 mA Output

Connect your controller to your Building Management Systems (BMS) via 4-20 mA outputs.
SCADA monitoring through analogue communication.

Find out more: web-access options.

Wired and Wireless Access 

Your CHEMTROL® programmable controller can be fully connected using a:

Wired connection
– via an Ethernet cable connected to your local network

Wireless Control using a Router
– via a compatible 4G or 5G router** with an Ethernet cable.

  • Full ‘plug and play’
  • Easy to manage
  • Designed to operate under extreme conditions

**  Our wireless router range has industrial-grade features including a rugged wearing enclosure. All electrical components have been carefully selected to allow these units to operate under extreme conditions of temperature.

Shared Wireless Access + Control  

Introducing Shared Wireless Control, a unique feature that allows multiple controllers in close proximity to piggyback and share a WIFI signal. The major benefit of this is you only have to connect for a single Sim-card subscription but still have full connectivity and control over all your controllers.

How does it work? 

  1. Your main controller has an Ethernet cable connected with a WiFi router that accesses the internet
  2. All your other controllers in close proximity simply use their inbuilt WiFi device to share or piggyback off the main controllers WiFi signal
  3. This way you can add multiple controllers without paying for multiple subscriptions and save