Chemtrol Australia Product - Level Switch L-40
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Level Switch L-40

Side and Top Mount level switch

√  Corrosion-resistant plastic with optional metal pivot pin. (Available in 316 stainless steel, HASTELLOY® C, Titanium, or Teflon® or PTFE).

√  10 times less sensitive from deposit and build-up of contaminants than sliding float models.

√  Each unit can be supplied with a special made to order 1 1/4″ x 1/4″ x 1/2″ reducer bushing for through wall mounting.

√  Output wire can be twisted pair 22 gauge or two conductor PVC heavy wall instrument cable.

√  STANDARD: SPST reed switch for 120/240VAC 50 Watt power

Typical UsersTypical Working Fluids
- Pools & Spas- Mild Acids
- Cooling Towers- Mild Bases
- Washing Tanks- Pure Water
- Fountains, Ponds- Process Water
- Plating Tanks- Seawater
- Fish Farms- Filtered Sewage
- Aquariums- Contaminated Ground Water
- Water features
Working Fluid Specific Gravity
Top Mount: 0.8
Side Mount: 0.7
Top Mount: 0.9
Side Mount: 0.7
Working Temp-18˚ – 83˚C-18˚ – 93˚C
Working Pressure200 psi (13.8 bar)250 psi (17.2 bar)
Wetted MaterialsBody, Float and Bushing: Noryl® (PPO)
(10% glass fibers);
Pivot Pin: 316 stainless steel
Body, Float and Bushing: Fortron® (PPS)
(40% glass fibers);
Process Connection1/4" NPT1/4" NPT
Electrical SwitchSPNO or SPNC, 0.5ASPNO or SPNC, 0.5A
EnclosureNEMA 6P / IP 67NEMA 6P / IP 67
Weight 142g142g