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HANOVIA UV Technology

Hanovia Swimline UV System

Swimline UV is a compact UV disinfection system from Hanovia for swimming pool water. Swimline UV deactivates all known pathogens and actually destroys chloramines, so it’s the perfect way to improve chlorine-based treatment systems.

With Hanovia UV, you can add dramatically less chlorine to the water in your pool. This means less dilution, less waste, and noticeably purer water.

Swimline UV models available: 

√  UVEO series for 60% reduced power costs & reduced operational costs,

–  Aquatic centers,

–  Commercial pools and spas,

–  Hydro-therapy pools,

–  Water Features,

–  Small pools and spas.

Hanovia Swimline UV System

A UV disinfection system for swimming pool water that deactivates all known pathogens and destroys chloramines. Options available for all size pools and all budgets Just ReleasedSwimline UVEO from Hanovia, gives you all the advantages of UV disinfection with 60% less power costs, and significantly reduced pool operational costs. 

√  Hanovia UV leaves no additives, no smell, and no active pathogens,

√  Hanovia systems don’t require daily maintenance,

√  Systems are fully monitored to ensure delivery of the correct UV dose,

√  Alarmed for the unlikely event of UV tube failure,

√  Lower cost, higher performance through brilliant design,

√  Minimal space required,

√  Incredibly reliable and safe, with exceptional safety features ,

√  Treats full recirculating water flow,

√  Can reduce the amount of chlorine when using UV,

√  Gives you water your bathers will love,

√  Peace of mind with optional 5 year manufacturers warranty on the UV system. *conditions apply

Hanovia UV Solutions for Every Swimming Pool and Hydrotherapy Pool

Because of the SwimLine’s simple, highly compact design, it is easily incorporated into existing water treatment systems or can be included from the start into new builds. It is available in a range of configurations, from axial and in-line to U-shaped, making it perfect for any size of pool and every kind of plant layout.

UVEO Option

  • A new product platform that delivers Ultraviolet Energy Optimisation (UVEO) technology,
  • Optimised design delivers 60% energy savings and effective water treatment,
  • Higher flows can be treated with only one Hanovia Medium Pressure Lamp,
  • Electronic Ballast technology for efficient power control during off peak times,
  • UVGuard patented technology for safe testing of UV intensity,
  • Easy installation, automatic wiper,
  • Outperforms traditional multiple lamp UV systems every time!

Up to 5 Years Manufacturer’s Warranty

  • All Hanovia UV systems come standard with a 12 month warranty,
  • Secure peace of mind with an optional 5 year manufacturer’s warranty on the UV system. *conditions apply

Reduce Chlorine Usage

In addition, because the SwimLine UV system dramatically reduces the amount of chlorine required, there is correspondingly less backwashing and dilution, less waste and notably purer water. The air around the pool is also much more pleasant.

Easy to Use

Hi-tech sensors and a microprocessor controlled computer interface give unprecedented control over the system – even from remote locations. Continuous UV monitoring and energy optimisation mean the system is more efficient and economical to run, while built-in alarms warn of low UV, power failures or other changes.

Minimal Maintenance

The SwimLine UV system uses Hanovia’s UVlux, broad spectrum UV arc tubes as standard, and automatic wipers keep the quartz sleeves housing the UV arc tubes clean, so the only regular maintenance is an annual service at which the UV lamp is changed.

Optimised using the latest computational fluid dynamics technology to model the perfect flow through the treatment chamber, the SwimLine UV system has undergone rigorous testing to ensure better UV distribution, high performance and reliability.

Destroy Combined Chlorines

Combined chlorines (or chloramines) are responsible for the distinctive ‘chlorine’ smell associated with indoor chlorinated pools. They also cause sore eyes and irritated skin and are a major cause of rust within indoor pool complexes. UV not only destroys chloramines, but is also a highly effective disinfectant in its own right. Virtually no microorganisms are immune to UV, even chlorine-resistant pathogens

About Hanovia UV Systems

  • Hanovia UV systems conveniently fit into existing pipework in most process areas
  • Minimum site preparation
  • Pre-assembled units available pre-wired and skid mounted, requiring only connection to electrical supply
  • Silent operation
  • Can interface with most computer controlled continuous and batch processes
  • Inexpensive and Simple to Maintain
  • Simple and safe operation easily understood by operators
  • Designed for remote operation
  • Replacement of Arc Tubes is quick and simple

Rigorous Quality Control ISO 9001

  • All Hanovia stainless steel chambers and Arc Tubes built to the highest possible standards
  • Every Arc Tube is individually checked and each completed system tested and run before despatch.
  • Test certificates always supplied

All Hanovia UV Disinfection Systems include:

  • Disinfection chamber
  • Arc tube
  • Control/ power supply cabinet
  • UV monitor (optional)
  • Automatic cleaning mechanism (optional)

Why Is Hanovia the Leading UV Supplier?

  • Hanovia has pioneered the use of UV in various applications for over 75 years
  • Hanovia manufactures its own stainless steel cambers, quartz sleeves and arc tubes to the highest possible standards
  • Hanovia is the only system manufacturer which also makes Arc Tubes