Chemtrol Australia Product - Biomate Bromine Feeder Series
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Biomate Bromine Feeder Series

See-through biomate feeder series

Biomate see-through feeders are a convenient and safe way of introducing solid biocide and other corrosive chemicals into chilled water circulating loops. Constructed of clear UV-PVC body allows the chemicals level to be viewed without opening the cap.

The Biomate feeder series come standard with a 6″ Body and Cap, O-Ring sealed large open wide-mouth top and with wide bolt-down base. Available with 1″ inlet and outlet side union ports, pressure relief valve and optional uPVC piping kit to complete the piping installation. 3/4″ available upon request.

Suitable for swimming-pools, spas, water features, cooling towers and other industrial water applications.

Models available: 6.8 Kg, 11.3 Kg and 22.7 Kg.

Key Features:

  • Easy-open wide-mouth top
  • 6″ body See-through design
  • Top opening threaded, O-ring closure
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Bottom inlet and drain ports, 1″ unions for high-flow systems
  • Wide bolt-down base

See-through biomate feeder series

Constructed of clear UV-PVC body allows chemicals/ bromine level to be viewed without opening the cap. Feeders are rated to a maximum pressure of 8.6 bar (125 psi) and maximum temperature of 38°C (100°F).

Model  Capacity
Max Pressure
& Temp
Cap size
BIOMATE 2000-15 6.8 8.6 bar @ 38°C 6″/152.4 21″/533 6″/152.4
BIOMATE 2000-25 11.3 8.6 bar @ 38°C 6″/152.4 33″/838 6″/152.4
BIOMATE 2000-50 22.7 8.6 bar @ 38°C 6″/152.4 57″/1448 6″/152.4


Optional plumbing kit:

  • uPVC fittings for operation to 8.6 bar at 38°C. Kit contains: two unions, three ball valves, two tees, two 90-degree elbows, and required nipples and plugs.
  • Tough Polysulfone Flow-water (USA) 5 to 37.5 LPM