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  • CHEMTROL wastewater controller helps ensure regulatory compliance

      Client: HydroFlow Water Facility: Poultry processing plant Equipment: Chemtrol PC110xW CHEMTROL controllers ensure water quality and regulatory compliance Existing customer HydroFlow, a water treatment solutions provider with a national presence, facilitated the installation of our controller at a poultry processing plant.  Poultry processing plants have a range of potential environmental impacts that need to […]

  • North West Brewing Co

    CHEMTROL® controller installed at Australia’s most remote brewery   Client: North West Brewing Co Facility: Wastewater treatment system Equipment: CHEMTROL® PC110x Programmable Controller North West Brewing Co 10hL (1000L) system Fancy meeting for a beer? It’s not every day that we go to the Pilbara for a drink – but our client North West Brewing Co […]