• North West Brewing Co

    CHEMTROL® controller installed at Australia’s most remote brewery


    Client: North West Brewing Co

    Facility: Wastewater treatment system

    Equipment: CHEMTROL® PC110x Programmable Controller

    North West Brewing Co 10hL (1000L) system

    Fancy meeting for a beer? It’s not every day that we go to the Pilbara for a drink – but our client North West Brewing Co is based in Karratha, Western Australia, where they operate a 10hL (1000L) system – so we made the journey. 

    Why? They had to install a new wastewater treatment system to comply with WaterCorp WA regulations on discharge. They require neutralisation of extremes of pH prior to discharge. Industrial companies can only discharge water after the pH is within a range: 6.5 to 8.5. This also required them to install a treatment system to track the volume of water being discharged. 

    Equipment installed at this facility

    At this facility the following equipment was installed:

    • CHEMTROL® PC110x controller with our unique wastewater treatment software to control pH from both sides. Acid and BASE control, TDS with temperature monitoring and a designated alarm relay to alert the operator online of any fault occurred during the treatment process.
    • A complete plumbing manifold with flow switch, water sample valve, sensors holder fitting and 2x dedicated Acid and BASE injection points on a PVC backboard ready for connection.
    • Siemens MEG 5000/5100 flow meter with its plumbing, cables and Amphenol plug to connect with onsite inspections conducted by WaterCorp.

    The installation enables:  

    • 24/7 storage of data
    • Remote access for North West Brewing Co and WaterCorp via CHEMTROL cloud web-server.
    • Ability to view the controller online, view trend graphs, generate history data reports with ability to download via CSV/excel, and get alerts via email and or/sms etc.

    The Siemens MEG 5000/5100 is also connected to the CHEMTROL® controller by passive pulse (1 pulse =100L) to store the wastewater flow data.
    The unit also displays constantly the level of: pH, TDS, TEMP and the flow-rate coming from the Siemens flow-meter – on the main screen.

    Installation at North West Brewing Co

    Feedback from the client

    We also received positive feedback from North West Brewing MD Jack Heales:

    ‘Kobby Green was a “saving grace” and instrumental in assisting us to achieve our goals, and can confirm Chemtrol are by far the best service I could find with a price to match! 

    Kobby’s technical background on dosing equipment and technology was second to none. After explaining my requirements Kobby made me feel like I could leave the technical side to him and I felt I could trust him on price. I was also surprised at the contacts and resources he has for chemical supplies, remembering we are in Karratha- the most remote brewery in Australia.

    I would recommend Chemtrol dosing equipment, technology and their service to anyone for their expertise – and even though Kobby does not drink, there will always be a free beer for him in Karratha.’

    CHEMTROL® PC110x programmable controller

    The CHEMTROL® PC110x controller is a fully programmable controller that offers automatic control of water chemistry. 

    • Chemical Automation with pH, TDS, Temperature and Chlorine control (ppm)
    • CHEMTROL® web-server communication – remote monitoring and control.
      True duplex remote operation with Ethernet cable or 4G network
    • pH CONTROL with a choice of acid and base feed
    • PPM CONTROL – Chlorine sensor with direct reading in PPM or mg/l
    • LANGELIER SATURATION INDEX for water balance
    • Programmable SHOCK TREATMENT and CHEMICAL SAVINGS cycles
    • Large 8-line LCD DISPLAY for easy operation
    • On-board data logging with adjustable intervals
    • Safety flow switch
    • Remote alarm

    About North West Brewing Co

    North West Brewing Co is a craft brewery located in Karratha, Western Australia.
    It is the town’s first brewery – a 300-capacity shed-style venue – that is proudly owned/operated by two local families. The brewery received a grant of $185,000 as part of WA’s regional development fund, and aims to service the local community as well as stimulate tourism in the Pilbara region.

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