Chemtrol Australia Product - Chemical Blending PVC Mixer
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Chemical Blending PVC Mixer

Chemical blending PVC mixer

PVC inline Mixer: Reduces Pressure Drop by 50 Percent.
The mixer utilizes a unique internal design, which uses ordinary line pressure to create high levels of turbulence, enhancing the mixing of fluid additives with the product stream.

The inline mixer is virtually maintenance free with no moving parts and installs quickly and easily with no special tools or additional components. These inline mixers are used in a wide variety of processes, such as chemical blending, pH control, water treatment and chlorine mixing.

The triple turbine inline mixer induces the turbulence needed for increased mixing performance with a decreased differential pressure. This triple turbine changes the directional flow of the fluids, allowing mixture prior to exiting the mixing chamber.

Static Inline Mixer

The inline static mixer uses ordinary line pressure to create turbulence which provides good chemical mixing in the process line.

  • PVC construction
  • Accommodates flow rates from 3 to 25 GPM
  • 1’’ inlet and outlet
  • 1/2’’ diameter chemical port inlet
  • 140 psi
  • Weight: 454 gram
  • 250 mm long


  • High flow rates
  • Improved mixing performance
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Large wrench flats
  • Reduce backpressure during operation
  • PVC construction, with stainless steel bands, aids in chemical compatibility
  • Clear PVC sight tube allows easy viewing of the mixing process
  • Standard 1″ male threads on the inlet and outlet ports
  • Standard ½ in. female threads on the injection port