• MidCoast Council and YMCA NSW

    CHEMTROL® controllers offer set-and-forget chemical automation and consistent water quality

    Client: MidCoast Council and YMCA NSW

    Facility: Aquatic centre

    Equipment: CHEMTROL® PC110c Programmable Controller

    Manning Aquatic Leisure Centre is a local community aquatic, fitness and recreation centre in Taree that is a partnership between the MidCoast Council and YMCA NSW. The centre has a number of pools for recreation and swim lessons, as well as a spa. Their existing setup was consuming a lot of chemicals and not maintaining the water quality. 

    After assessing their needs we recommended they install the PC110c Programmable Controller, a unit that features automatic maintenance of water chemistry, Free chlorine control with pH, ORP, TDS and Temperature, as well as complete remote monitoring operation. 

    We touched base with John Parish, the facility operational manger, and Cheyne Hough from chemical dosing & monitoring specialists Breakpoint H20 – for their feedback six months after the installation.

    Tell us about your facility?

    The leisure centre has two pools, one indoor, an outdoor pool as well as a spa. The volume of the pool in litres are: 

    • Spa: 12.600L
    • 25M indoor pool: 680,000L
    • 50M outdoor pool: 1,800,000L

    What is the approximate bather load at your facility on a weekly/monthly basis?

    Usage varies across our pools and spa, depending on the season, time of day and what activities are happening. 

    The spa is probably in the range of 30 bathers/day, the indoor pool 50-100 bathers/day, and the outdoor pool 90 bathers/day. 

    What are your main issues when it comes to water quality?

    The main issue we have is bather load, especially when you get big groups like swim school coming through. The outdoor pool also fluctuates when it rains, so you need a system that can handle these sorts of variables and do it consistently.  

    ” You need a system that can handle variables like rain and high bather load, and do it consistently “

    Why did you choose Chemtrol controllers? 

    We got a word of mouth recommendation from Cheyne, who takes care of the maintenance at our facility. He spoke very highly of Chemtrol products, as he had experience installing them at other aquatic facilities.

    The recommendation was to install install 3 x PC110c programmable controller control systems, to give us complete chemical automation for our pools and spa.
    In addition we also installed dosing pumps, co2 feeders and a brominator. 

    How does the Chemtrol controller compare to your old controller?

    Our previous controller used a lot of chemicals and struggled to regulate the water quality. This was the main reason we asked our pool maintenance service for an alternative controller that could give us consistency and reliability. 

    We are looking for a product that can give us consistent pH readings of 7.5 day in, day out – and that’s exactly what the Chemtrol units do. We have had to do very little in the way of adjustments after the initial installation.

    What features do you appreciate about the new controller?

    The best thing about the Chemtrol units is that they just work! They are simple, set and forget products which do their job really well. It is easy to make changes or adjustments on the controllers, with an easy-to-read menu that is easy to operate. The logical interface also makes it easy to train up our poolside staff who are monitoring water quality throughout the day. 

    ” The best thing about the Chemtrol units is that they just work! They are simple, set and forget products which do their job really well “

    CHEMTROL® PC110c Controller

    The CHEMTROL® PC110c Controller is a programmable control system that offers complete chemical automation for pools and spas. This includes:

    • Free Chlorine control (ppm)
    • pH with Acid and co2, as well as Base control for outdoor pools
    • ORP monitoring for sanitizer reference and oxidizer control backup
    • TDS level display. Optional water valve control
    • Temperature and heater control
    • Water balance with Langelier Index

    This model also incorporates our unique solid-state PPM SENSOR that generates easy-to-use, direct and reliable readings of Free Chlorine concentration in water.

    Get in touch for advice on the best programmable controller for your aquatic facility, that way we can provide a competitive pricing solution based on the functionality you need.