• Emergent Cold

    Cold Storage Facility Install CHEMTROL Controllers to Solve Corrosion Issue


    Client: Emergent Cold

    Facility: Cold Storage Warehouse

    Equipment: CHEMTROL CT110 controller

    David Hicks, National Energy & Refrigeration Manager for Emergent Cold, a market leader in cold-chain logistics and temperature-controlled storage/warehousing, approached CHEMTROL Australia to upgrade their cooling tower automatic chemical dosing systems to more advanced technology.

    David’s brief was to have full computer visual remote access control of the chemical dosing equipment serving its evaporative condensers so that Emergent Cold could be a part of the decision making process. The visual remote control requirement was for Emergent Cold at the management level, to monitor and control for any scaling or corrosion conditions being developed, understand long and short term trends, improve asset protection, increase energy efficiency etc.

    Working with in conjunction David and his team, we discussed all options and put forward a comprehensive solution which comprises with our industrial spec CT110 controller specifically designed for applications such as cooling towers, where corrosion and biological fouling are a common hazard. We then engaged one of our qualified installers, FlowMatrix to carry out the installation of the controllers in line with Chemtrol’s approved installation procedure. On commissioning, FlowMatrix provided the initial training to the local water treatment company who service these condensers for Emergent Cold sites.

    Tell us about your facility…

    The controllers are installed at a Cold Storage Warehouse facility. Here we have 3 Condensers that hold approximately 3000 litre each, and which remove heat from our refrigeration system. These condensers can use up to 25,000 litres of water per day.

    Evaporative Condenser. Image: Emergent Cold

    What specific issue were you looking to solve?

    We had a condenser that developed ammonia leaks on the coil and we did not have any reliable data to indicate if there was a particular event or history of poor treatment conditions that triggered the corrosion. The condensers are a significant investment as well as a critical component of our refrigeration system.

    Why did you choose this particular CHEMTROL controller?

    We wanted the network connectivity to send the information to the CHEMTROL portal. CHEMTROL has an easy to use custom built software service to manage all aspects of our requirements online, including real time visibility, alarms and data history of how our systems and Water Treatment is performing.

    What did you appreciate about the CHEMTROL offering?

    CHEMTROL offered a quality solution to monitor performance and also provides an opportunity to standardise equipment and monitoring systems across the network, independent from the Water Treatment Service suppliers. CHEMTROL provides the intellectual support required  to manage and improve system performance without delay as well as increase the efficiency and effectiveness of chemical use.

    ” CHEMTROL offered a quality solution to monitor performance and also provides an opportunity to standardise equipment and monitoring systems across the network “

    We also need to manage the total cost of ownership of the asset, i.e. maximise the asset life, control the health risks and maintain energy efficiency. The online connectivity and data history helps us manage all these including supporting the performance of the Water Treatment Service provider.

    Programmable model CT110 industrial controller for COOLING TOWER applications. Image: Emergent Cold

    What technical aspects you like about the controllers?

    For us the ability to control and monitor our facility online (Internet of Things) is the smartest way to maximise capabilities and value.

    ” For us the ability to control and monitor our facility online is the smartest way to maximise capabilities and value “

    CHEMTROL® CT110 Programmable Controller

    The CHEMTROL CT110 programmable controller is designed for industrial applications – including cooling towers, boilers, and other industrial applications. It has 6 relay outputs to control conductivity (Total Dissolved Solids), pH, ORP and Total Chlorine or Bromine residual in parts per million (ppm) measurement. 

    An easy-to-use but sophisticated programmable controller comprised of 5 designated chemical feed programs. These include: Manual, Cycle timer, Automatic bleed, Percent of flow, Daily schedule and 2-week schedule. The programs accommodate chemical additives such as inhibitors, biocides, dispersants, etc. This controller has a 5 year electronics warranty.  

    Emergent Cold is Australia’s leading provider of cold-chain logistics services and supply chain solutions, offering temperature-controlled warehousing, refrigerated transport and distribution services to a broad range of businesses.

    Operating a network of temperature-controlled facilities across Australia, its sites total in excess of 65 million cubic feet, or 300,000+ pallet postitions of refrigerated storage. Utilizing advanced integrated warehouse and transport technologies, Emergent Cold supports these facilities with a modern fleet of refrigerated vehicles and trailers operating under the Frigmobile brand.

    Get in touch for advice on the best controller for your needs. Our cooling tower selection chart can also help you decide what features you need and which CHEMTROL® controller is right for your application.