• Bradken Steel Foundry VIC

    Steel foundry installs CHEMTROL controllers for reliable remote monitoring and control functionality


    Client: Bradken

    Facility: Steel foundry with cooling towers

    Equipment: CHEMTROL® CT110 programmable controller

    Bradken, a steel foundry that specialises in producing cast and fabricated iron and steel products, have two cooling tower systems where the existing dosing controllers were failing to operate to expectations. This resulted in a positive result for Legionella, and led them to rely on a daily manual inspections by staff member.  

    Gordon Dick, Maintenance Supervisor and Environmental site coordinator, approached us with a brief for a replacement controller that provides:

    • Reliable and consistent readings
    • An alert system if dosing parameters are not within specifications
    • Live data reporting
    • Remote monitoring and control functionality
    • Protection against the presence of Legionella 

    As we have highlighted previously on this site, recent cases of Legionnaires’ disease across Australia have highlighted the need for cooling towers to be appropriately maintained and monitored. Public health regulations require any operation that have cooling towers on their premises to ensure that they are appropriately maintained for public health and safety. In Victoria all cooling towers must be registered, with penalties applying if the owner fails to comply. 

    Working with in conjunction Gordon and his team, we discussed all options and put forward a comprehensive solution – specifically our CT110 controller which is designed for industrial applications such as cooling towers. This is his experience of the controllers and their performance.

    Tell us about your facility where the controllers are installed…

    We are a steel foundry producing castings for the mining and transport sectors, We have two cooling tower systems – one for our electric arc furnace, where the cooling tower water is circulated to control cooling of the furnace to prevent warping and distortion of the furnace structure from excess heat. The second is a large cooling tower for our heat treatment section, where castings need to be annealed and quenched to ensure structural integrity of the castings prior to release.

    What are the requirements of this installation?

    Both cooling towers are required by Victorian legislation to be monitored and controlled to prevent the potential for Legionella and high Heterotrophic Colony Count (HCC). HCC is considered an indicator of water quality in cooling tower systems, where poor water quality can indicate an increased risk of Legionella growth. 

    Installed CT110 controller-1 on site

    Where you looking to solve a particular issue?

    We had had several instances where a positive result for Legionella had been detected so it was clear the old dosing controllers were not able to respond as required, nor did they alert if dosing parameters were not within specification. Generally we had to rely on a maintenance person to undertake a minimum of a daily inspection of both cooling tower systems.

    What functionality where you looking for in a new controller? 

    We were looking for a controller that would give us live data and an alerting system when a cooling tower was not operating within set parameters, live adjustment from P/C or remote app. We were also looking to get trend analysis data to determine causal analysis of why dosing system variations are occurring.

    ” We were looking for a controller that would give us live data and an alerting system when a cooling tower was not operating within set parameters “

    What controller model did you install and why?

    After consulting Kobby we opted for the CHEMTROL® CT110 as this model meets the technical specifications we were looking for.  

    Installed CT110 controller-2 on site

    What problems did the new controllers help you overcome?

    Once installed the CHEMTROL controllers instantly alerted us to faults and issues so we were able to quickly identify them. Once operating for a couple of weeks it was clear that the manufacturing processes were largely affecting the required amount of dosing chemicals, the systems would then go into shock with inactivity when production was not occurring (particularly over weekends). The data from the CHEMTROL controllers enabled system parameters to be changed to rectify the readings to be within specification. It also meant that we no longer have to perform daily manual tests on the cooling towers as the controllers performed flawlessly.

    ” Once installed the CHEMTROL controllers instantly alerted us to faults and issues so we were able to quickly identify them “

    What was your experience of the installation process and post sales service?

    We found the CHEMTROL technical assistance to be exemplary. They were able to assist us either via phone or to make live adjustments to ensure the systems were operating effectively. The systems were generally very easy and quick to install, and online access was immediate. If you require a dosing system that takes the guesswork out of meeting specifications then this is THE ONE!

    CHEMTROL® CT110 Programmable Controller

    The CHEMTROL CT110 programmable controller is designed for industrial applications – including cooling towers, boilers, and other industrial applications. It has 6 relay outputs to control conductivity (Total Dissolved Solids), pH, ORP and Total Chlorine or Bromine residual in parts per million (ppm) measurement. 

    An easy-to-use but sophisticated programmable controller comprised of 5 designated chemical feed programs. These include: Manual, Cycle timer, Automatic bleed, Percent of flow, Daily schedule and 2-week schedule. The programs accommodate chemical additives such as inhibitors, biocides, dispersants, etc. This controller has a 5 year electronics warranty.  

    Bradken is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi Construction Machinery Co. Limited, and one of the world’s leading solutions providers for mining equipment parts. They specialise in the design and manufacture of cast and fabricated iron and steel products for the mining, resources, transport and defence sectors.

    Get in touch for advice on the best industrial controller for your facility. Our cooling tower selection chart can also help you decide what features you need and which CHEMTROL® controller is right for your application.