• Kirby Swim School (WA)

    Perth Swim School Add CHEMTROL® Controllers to their Facilities


    Client: Kirby Swim School, Perth WA

    Facility: Karrinyup and Mandurah Swim Schools

    Equipment: CHEMTROL® PC110c Programmable Controllers

    Kirby Swim School operates 5 sites across Perth, where they offer instruction for a range of ages and levels. Owner Bill Kirby required a reliable solution for two of their facilities – Karrinyup and Mandurah – small but busy pools with a high bather load relative to their size, meaning maintaining water balance and quality is critical. We recommended they install the PC110c Programmable Controller, a simple and reliable unit that features automatic maintenance of water chemistry, TDS, pH control and more.

    Tell us about your facilities.

    The KirbySwim Karrinyup site was built in 2016, a pool of approximately 150,000lts (16m x 8m) which we heat to 33 degrees year round. It is a small but busy facility compared to our three other locations, and as such keeping the water balance is challenging here more than anywhere.

    The other facility where we installed the Chemtrol controller is at Mandurah, a state of the art, purpose built 25m pool where we run swim programs for anyone from 6 week old babies to squad level swimmers.

    Kirby Swim Centre, Mandurah

    What are the controllers main function there?

    We believe water chemistry and balance is vital for happy teachers and swimmers. The controllers assist us in keeping the water quality balanced, feeding the right amounts of chemicals required to maintain our ideal levels of chlorine and pH. They also enable us to monitor the temperature of the pool remotely which is great.

    ” The controllers assist us in keeping the water quality balanced, feeding the right amounts of chemicals required to maintain our ideal levels of sanitizer and pH “

    Installed PC110c programmable controller – Mandurah

    What is the bather load at your pools?

    It varies, but a peak of 2000/week, which includes the popular baby program, learn to swim and our adult rehab classes, is typical.

    Why did you choose Chemtrol controllers?

    We were looking to upgrade our previous controller, and looking around what was on offer we came across Chemtrol. After some research I saw this company has been around for a long time, and had some great testimonials. I felt confident in the probes, the replacement parts and the technical support I would get too. But the clincher for me was the simplicity of the system, and the ability to have remote access, at no extra charge, where the set points can be seen on my phone and even changed if need be.

    ” The clincher for me was the simplicity of the system, and the ability to have remote access, at no extra charge “

    Installed PC110c programmable controller – Karrinyup

    Did they help you overcome a specific problem?

    The Chemtrol controller is proving to be really very accurate with its measurements in comparison to the manual water tests we carry out three times per day.

    Data log for June 2020 displaying the consistency of the PC110c controller

    What features do you most appreciate about the controllers?

    Number one is the remote monitoring capacity of these units. Secondly, I love the fact that there are very few moving parts, which should help reduce failures. Thirdly, the systems are tried and tested over many years of use in the USA. Then there is the fact they have sold 1000’s of these systems which means they have ironed out any problems, something you can’t say about new to market products. 

    ” I also appreciate that Kobby from Chemtrol Australia speaks like a pool operator, and not a salesperson – so that also gives me confidence “

    What is your overall experience of Chemtrol and the installation process?

    The Chemtrol controller is performing better than expected, giving us a really stable water balance and quality. We also appreciated the fact the controller is compatible with our existing dosing pumps, which operate on a 240v with dry contact signal. This all means we can focus all our attention on our swimmers, which is great! 

    Our installer from Pool and Pump Services WA, Mick Doughty, who has 15 year experience in the aquatic market, also found the installation process to be simple and straightforward, highlighting the easy-to-navigate menu and remote access capability as features he has appreciated. He also was impressed with the accuracy of the controllers since they were installed.

    CHEMTROL® PC110c: Key Features

    • pH control with a choice of acid or base feed
    • Free or Total chlorine control (ppm),
      Chlorine sensor with direct reading in ppm or mg/l
    • By-pass line assembly with safety flow switch
    • Langelier saturation index (LSI)
    • On-board data logging with adjustable intervals
    • Remote monitoring with CHEMTROL® mobile app
    • Sanitizer control backup: ORP monitoring with oxidizer control 
    • TDS control with temperature monitoring 

    About Kirby Swim School

    The Kirby Swim School operates 5 swim schools across Perth, offering a range of lessons for swimmers of all ages. The school is owned and operated by Olympic Gold Medalist Bill Kirby who has over 20+ years experience teaching and coaching swimming.

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