• Mt. Wilga Private Hospital

    Private hospital installs CHEMTROL controllers for remote monitoring and diagnostic capabilities 


    Client: Ramsay Health Care 

    Facility: Mt. Wilga Private Hospital hydrotherapy pools

    Equipment: PC2100 Programmable Controllers

    Mt Wilga Private Hospital is a dedicated 112 room rehabilitation hospital near Hornsby, with a day therapy centre that has treatment rooms, two hydrotherapy pools as well as two exercise physiology gyms. 

    Patients use the hydrotherapy pools as part of treatment plans for a wide range of conditions that include general joint pain, orthopaedic conditions and as part of post elective orthopaedic surgery. This makes it critical for the hospital to maintain stringent hygiene levels so patient wellbeing is assured when they make use of the facilities. 

    Ray McDonald, Maintenance Manager for the facility gave us a brief for controllers that would enable them to manage the water quality and sanitation of the two hydrotherapy pools, with functionality that included:

    • Reliable and consistent readings
    • Complete chemical automation
    • Live data reporting
    • Remote monitoring and control functionality
    • User-friendly operation

    Managing the public health risk of public swimming pools

    Swimming pools and spas in NSW that are used by the public are covered by the Public Health Act 2010 and Public Health Regulation 2012, legislation that controls the public health risk associated with public swimming and spa pools. It is a mandatory requirement prescribed under this Act that public swimming pools and spas must not be used unless the water in the pool is disinfected in such a way as to minimise the transmission of disease to the other users of the pool. The most common sanitisers or disinfectants used are chlorine, bromine, ozone and ionizers.

    A hydrotherapy pool at the Day Therapy Centre

    What aquatic facilities do you have at the hospital, and what are they used for? 

    We have two hydrotherapy pools – one of 80,000 litres and a smaller one of 35,000 litres – in the Day Therapy Centre with change room and shower facilities. Patients use the pools for rehabilitation and recovery for a range of conditions such as arthritis and lymphoedema.

    ” The controllers help us ensure that patients health and wellbeing is maintained while they are using our facilities “

    When did you install the controllers, and what is their primary function?

    We installed the first CHEMTROL controller last year, in Dec 2018, and the second unit in May 2019. Both controllers are in full operation 24/7. Functions they perform includes controlling the water balance and sanitation ad they also give us remote monitoring capability with alerts and data storage. 

    CHEMTROL PC2100 control system installed at site

    Why did you choose Chemtrol controllers?

    We opted for CHEMTROL because of the quality of the product, as well as remote monitoring functionality and compatibility with our chemicals, specifically the bromine sanitiser which we use. 

    ” The accuracy of the units are great, as are the remote monitoring and diagnostic capabilities, which allow us to troubleshoot issues from a device “

    Did the controllers help you overcome a specific problem?

    The controllers are helpful in alerting us to any discrepancy in readings or performance issue with the sanitation equipment and water quality at the two facilities. They also help us ensure that patients health and wellbeing is maintained while they are using our facilities. 

    What controller model did you install and why?

    We opted for the CHEMTROL PC2100 programmable controller as this model meets the technical specifications required by our facilities.

    CHEMTROL PC2100 control system installed at site

    What features do you most appreciate about the controllers?

    The accuracy of the units are great, as are the remote monitoring and diagnostic capabilities, which allow us to troubleshoot issues from a device. 

    What is your overall experience of CHEMTROL and the installation process?

    I am grateful for the assistance and support they have given us during the installation, including training on how to use the controllers.

    CHEMTROL PC2100 programmable controller

    The PC2100 programmable control system includes a complete automatic control of water chemistry. pH with free chlorine (ppm), ORP, TDS and temperature control, water balance, water saturation and heating, with full remote duplex operation capability. It also has a user-friendly main screen display that  enables you to monitor and control all the process functions at a glance and respond to prevailing conditions.

    Ramsay Health Care is a respected leader in Australia’s private health care sector and a well-recognised brand in the industry. They are also Australia’s largest private hospital operator, running 72 hospitals and day surgery units across the country, admitting 1.1 million+ patients a year while employing over 30,000 people. 

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