• Panthers Elite Sport Academy

    CHEMTROL® Controllers Help Penrith Panthers Elite Sport Academy Operate at Peak Performance


    Client: SAS Water Solutions

    Facility: The Panthers Rugby League Elite Performance Sport Academy

    Equipment: CHEMTROL® PC5100 & PC2100 programmable controllers

    Tom Boyd, Technical Manager at SAS Water Solutions, approached CHEMTROL with the objective of upgrading the controllers at one of the country’s premiere high-performance sport’s academies.  Working with Tom we recommended the CHEMTROL programmable controllers PC5100 and PC2100 for the task.

    PC5100 and PC2100 controllers on site

    Tell us about the facility where the controllers were installed?

    The site where the controllers were installed is the elite performance sport academy of the Penrith Panthers rugby league team. The academy is a new $22 million state-of-the-art facility located situated at the Panthers Leagues Club in Penrith. It serves as the full-time training and development facility for the Panthers senior and junior squads. The controllers are required to maintain the:

    • Hot spas
    • Cold spas

    The athletes use these facilities for training, relaxation and post workout recovery.

    ” In terms of the specification of the controllers, even though the capital expenditure is higher, at the end of the day we – and the client – have complete peace of mind, which is absolutely worth it “

    Penrith Panthers Elite Performance Sport Academy.
    Image: Penrith Panthers

    ” As this is a high-performance sports academy, the health and safety of the athletes is the number one priority for the club and SAS Water Solutions. The CHEMTROL programmable controller range allows us to monitor the water chemistry 24/7, which is vital in ensuring the wellbeing of the players “

    What was required from a water treatment point of view?

    Maintaining the required chlorine residual is absolutely critical in any aquatic facility, so we were looking for controllers that could keep the water chemistry consistent. We also wanted to have the ability to manage these units remotely to avoid costly and time consuming emergency call-outs to rectify any issues. These controllers give us this functionality, so we can closely monitor our facilities and make adjustments when necessary.

    This facility is governed by NSW Health, and as a commercial facility, the water quality/chemistry is tested regularly to ensure it meets with the standards detailed in Schedule 1 of the Public Health Regulation 2012. We also had to ensure that these elite athletes are not exposed to any harmful bacteria when using the aquatic facilities, which could lead to potential health issues that might impair their performance.

    Penrith Panthers Elite Performance Sport Academy – Spa room.
    Image: Penrith Panthers 

    What are the technical requirements of this site?

    The hot and cold spas have a turnover rate of 15 minutes with water filtered via a media filter. The water is then passed through a UV system, pH corrected and sanitised by the CHEMTROL controller.

    Why did you select a CHEMTROL controller?

    ” The CHEMTROL system is a far superior solution in terms of reliability and consistency. As this is a high-performance sports academy, the health and safety of the athletes is the number one priority.  The CHEMTROL programmable controller range allow us to monitor the water chemistry remotely 24/7, which is vital to effective microbial control! it also enables us to consistently maintain the water chemistry at the required levels “

    What specific challenges did this site have?

    Even though the total system volume is small, it is very important the system has protections in place to prevent overdosing. The CHEMTROL controllers with their proportional and precaution time-limit control, ensure the health and safety of the athletes using the facilities are maintained.

    What specific feature did you appreciate?

    We encountered a slight issue with the compensation factor for the total chlorine results during commissioning. As the controller is online, the specialist technicians in the U.S. were able to identify the problem and had a resolution uploaded to the controller over the weekend. This meant there was no delay in handing the site back to the client within the agreed build period. Customer service doesn’t get better than this!

    The convenience of remote access gives us the flexibility to monitor and troubleshoot any issues at the facility from wherever we are, 24/7. Our client also has the ability to login and view readings if required.

    The CHEMTROL® PC5100 Programmable Controller installed at the facility

    PC5100 Programmable Controller

    The PC5100 programmable control system includes a complete automatic control of water chemistry. Dual PPM control with UV, pH, ORP, TDS, water balance, water saturation, as well as heating and temperature monitoring. A true duplex remote operation capability with identical duplicate screens on both the controller and the computer/ mobile App. It also has a user-friendly main screen display that enables you to monitor and control all the process functions at a glance and respond to prevailing conditions.

    This controller has a 5 year electronics warranty.

    PC5100 controller display

    Our client SAS Water, provide tailored water treatment packages, plant, equipment and chemicals to suit a diverse range of aquatic facilities, swimming pools and spas, fountain and water feature applications.

    SAS Water Solutions service extends to all facets of chemical water treatment including chilled water systems, cooling towers, hot water system, HVAC facilities, process water plants, potable and warm water systems, steam boilers and wastewater plants.

    Get in touch for advice on the best controller for your needs. Our selection chart can also help you decide what features you need and which CHEMTROL® controller is right for your application.