• Building Control & Management Systems (BCMS) 

    One-Box Solution Integrates Seamlessly with Building Control & Management Systems (BCMS)

    SYDNEY, NSW – 9 Sep 2020

    Looking for an integrated one-box solution to seamlessly integrate with your facilities Building Control & Management Systems (BCMS)?

    Unlike other vendors who have clumsy add-ons, our programmable water chemistry controllers have all the functionality you need integrated right into the unit, so all communications reside in one compact box. This allows them to interact and ‘talk’ with your Building Control & Management Systems (BCMS), including the following open protocol languages:

    Modbus IP – Modbus RTU – BACnet IP – BACnet MSTP – LonWorks

    This ensures broad compatibility and interoperability with your BMS, and allows monitoring and control of your equipment, data analysis, alarms and programming to be configured directly via the network. 

    Real Time Remote Monitoring with CHEMTROL Controllers

    With our remote operation function any number of facilities can be controlled and monitored, using direct login via our web server or with our dedicated app. This allows:

    • Real-time control of all operating functions including status reports
    • True duplex operation with identical duplicate screens on both the controller and the computer. 
    • Operator training and troubleshooting
    • After-hours remote control of your building or facility
    • Automatic alerts by email or text messages

    This also allows the CHEMTROL support team to run diagnostics and troubleshoot your controller if required. In terms of connecting to your controller, and accessing the data it is enerating, this can be done via:

    • A wired Ethernet cable
    • A wireless/WiFi connection 
    • A shared wireless connection (piggybacking multiple controllers)
    • 4G or a next-gen 5G enabled router 

    Manage a facility and need all your data in one place?
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