• Web Server Upgrade

    CHEMTROL® Web Server Upgrade Adds New Features and Functionality

    SYDNEY, NSW – 3 MAY 2018

    CHEMTROL Australia is pleased to announce that we have implemented a new server upgrade, which gives your controller improved functionality and features.

    These improvements are designed to give you the capability to view and monitor a wide range of parameters and data, track trends and investigate any potential issues.

    You can now:

    • Customise graphs and select which parameters you wish to view
    • Choose the default date range for your display, with zooming capabilities for hours/days/weeks
    • View 2 graphs at a glance for a range of values, including pH, ORP, Conductivity/TDS, Free Chlorine (ppmF), Total Chlorine (ppmT) and combined chlorine (ppmC).
    • Display values separately at a designated X axis for each instrument/probe, with the ability to add/remove instruments in order to view or investigate individual instruments or values
    • Enhanced functionality for the DataScan history page with the ability to change display date, view the raw data on screen and download your data.

    Our site has been updated with the new URL, and you can check your controllers here: https://au.sa2.us/

    Please feel free to share your feedback with us, or if you want to add a feature or change anything please let us know at: sales@chemtrol.com.au

    About CHEMTROL AustraliaCHEMTROL Australia is an extension of Santa Barbara Control Systems (SBCS) sales and support division, a California-based company with 40+ years of chemical automation, water chemistry research and expertise. The local sales team offers a full service that includes technical support and advice.

    CHEMTROL® controllers automate chemical treatment and offer precise control of water quality for domestic and commercial swimming pools, spas and aquatic facilities. The controllers are also specified in commercial and industrial applications, including cooling towers, boilers, water purification and sanitation systems, food service operations and wastewater treatment facilities. All CHEMTROL® units come with an industry leading 5 year warranty on electronic components.

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    Email:   sales@chemtrol.com.au