Industrial Water Applications

Potable Water Plant

Drinking water treatment solution designed to control chlorine residual (ppm) with Turbidity (NTU), pH, TDS and Temperature monitoring

Trade-waste pH Correction

Brewery wastewater treatment pH control solution with Siemens Meg flowmeter and TDS monitoring

Corrosion Monitoring System

Hot Water system with chlorine (ppm) control and online corrosion monitoring, pH, TDS and Temperature

High-level Chlorine Application

Food Manufacturing sanitizer control with high chlorine level (200ppm) and pH

Dual Blowdown Controller

Industrial boiler control system with two conductivity sensors and blowdown actuators

High-pressure Hot Water Chlorine System

High-pressure hot-water sanitizer system measuring and control low chlorine level

Hot Water Chlorine System

Sanitizer hot-water application measuring and control chlorine level

Bromine and pH control

Outdoor water feature application with Bromine tablet feeder and pH control

pH Neutralization System

pH control with Acid and Base for multiple tanks simultaneously

Chlorine and pH control

Water Feature sanitizer control system with Chlorine (ppm) and pH